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Purchase Kardell's books below. 


Hustle Attitude Vision Education

Do you HAVE The Keys to Successfully Tapping Into Your Human Potential and Performance? Are you ready to manifest your vision and become the boss of your mission? What you are and who you will become depends on how you use your time. H.A.V.E. will provide you with the information that you need to know in order to tap into your full potential and perform at a high frequency in life. Understanding these keys will help you find the greatness that lies inside of you.


Inmate to Inspiration

After doing state and federal prison time, Kardell Sims walked out of them gates with a blueprint. A blueprint that he put together while incarcerated. Inmate to Inspiration is his story, his journey, as he shares with you valuable information that he learned and applied to free himself from his own destruction. Not letting the limitations of his background reduce the height of his potential, Kardell outgrew what he was born into.



I Can. I Will. I Do. I Am.

This book contains affirmations that helped me transform from inmate to inspiration. You can apply these affirmations and stories to your life and begin your transformation. Transformation simply meaning the moment you realize that there is no limitations to what you can accomplish. Own your tomorrow by manifesting your vision and being the boss of your mission..



Speaker & Life Coach

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