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The Re-Entry Journey

The Re-Entry Journey podcast highlights returning citizens journey before, during, and after prison, along with the people who dedicate their time and services working in the re-entry field.

Kardell Sims is dedicated to attacking recidivism along with preventing youth from going to prison through a series of programs. He has advice that you can rely on, strategies that work, and is an expert who has been there. .

Re-Entry 101

Reform Alliance

     Brand Ambassador for Missouri

After doing state and federal time, Kardell Sims walked out of those prison gates with a blueprint. A blueprint that he put together while incarcerated. His story and his journey is that of Inmate to Inspiration. Kardell shares valuable information he learned and applied to free himself from his own destruction.

Assisting incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals in gaining self awareness by focusing on their Values, Beliefs, Goals,Needs, Personality, and Learning Style, compare past behavior to current behavior, evaluate themselves and increase their self awareness along with gaining insight into the expectations of themselves, others and parole.

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