After released from prison King Sheppard legitimately hustled himself into a position to not lose. His music career is reaching it's peak, he has a beautiful woman who loves and supports him, and he doesn't have to worry about the police nor the pitfalls of the street life. But in Sedalia, Missouri everything can change in a blink of an eye when your downfall is being prayed for. With enemies coming from all angles, skeletons coming out of his closet, and a corrupt police officer on his tail, things begin to spiral for King. Living the Sedalia life someone is always watching including the unfamiliar face that is observing everyone's every move. Can King survive the Sedalia life full of lies, snakes, corruption and hate? It's only one way to know..Welcome to A KING'S TALE.

Smart is thinking BIG even when you are small. What you are and who you will become depends on how you use your time.H.A.V.E. - The Keys To Success will provide you with the information that you need to know in order to be successful. Understanding these keys will help you find the greatness that lies inside of you.Never major in minor. Be a visionary, find your path, study the game, enjoy the journey, and make it happen.​

This book contains affirmations that helped me transform from convicted felon to certified entrepreneur. You can apply these affirmations and stories to your life and begin your transformation. Transformation simply meaning the moment you realize that there is no limitations to what you can accomplish. Own your tomorrow by manifesting your vision and being the boss of your mission.

After serving eight months while awaiting trial, an unexpected turn of events take place, K-Dot’s case is dismissed and he is a free man yet again. It doesn't take long for K-Dot to realize just how much things can change in eight month’s time. He had already been betrayed by one of his partners, and being back on the outside quickly proves that no one is to be trusted...Can K-Dot survive The Supreme Betrayal?

When Julnita's son is brutally murdered she instantly goes back in time and begins to put the pieces together of where everything went wrong in her life. Rafi's, her son, death was just the tip of the iceberg. From drug addiction to losing multiple children, Julnita carries the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her world comes crushing down when she comes face to face with her son's killer.World on My shoulder is an emotionally deep novel that broadcasts the life of a young single mother going through trials and tribulations just to keep her head above water while trying not to drown and succumb to her addiction. The struggle is real and the pain last forever. Welcome to Julnita's world!

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