RE-ENTRY 101: Master Curriculum

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Kardell's mission is to inspire people all over the world and help them turn their lives around. Make a difference in the lives of many in need by sponsoring books for prison, juvenile detention centers, and/or re-entry programs.

• Gain information that will assist in identifying personal expectations. • Have a basic understanding of the requirements of parole and what the expectations are. • Learn what “should and should not be” expected from family, friends and others upon release. • Retaining or maintaining control over some aspects of their lives. • Managing feelings, thoughts and emotions that affect behavior • Gathering information and skills for effectively communicating their needs. • Utilizing respect and positive thinking to get needs met. • Gain an understanding of stress and how excessive stress leads to impulsive risky decisions. • Identify the key elements of drug addiction. • Evaluate and understand health insurance needs. • Understand the correlation of proper diet and exercise with good health. • Demonstrate an understanding of the process needed to develop are-entry support network. • Develop or increase confidence in reentry effort. • Have the ability to generate or expand an optimistic outlook. • Recognize situations where resiliency will be central to stability. • Produce an effective plan to maintain the over-all goal of maintaining freedom.