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Kardell Sims has taken his life and turned it around, from being formerly incarcerated, to guiding others to break free from a path of self-destruction. 


From an early age, Kardell had the odds against him, spending much of his early years involved with the law. Kardell came from a background with heavy influences of drugs and addiction, and first got involved at the age of 15. He would later spend time in and out of the system. 

However, during his last sentence, Kardell realized he needed to completely transform his life. He left behind his old ways by taking courses and learning how to build the type of life he wanted to lead. Once he was released, he secured employment and finished his book, “Inmate to Inspiration.”

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Since then, Kardell has used his story to be a life coach for others. Focusing much of his efforts on re-entry and prison prevention, Kardell has been an inspiration for those who’ve been handed life’s hardships. Kardell overcame poverty, gangs, and prison to become a national speaker, 7x author, master certified empowerment coach, and Re-Entry Consultant.


As he moves forward, Kardell is shifting his efforts to the corporate world. Building Second Chance Hiring Porgrams and Coaching others in the world of business, Kardell is reaching those seeking to improve performance.  

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