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Kardell Sims is a passionate advocate dedicated to helping incarcerated & formerly incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives. Despite facing tremendous adversity in his youth, he has overcome his past to become a leader in the re-entry space.

Growing up in poverty with strong influences of drugs and gangs, Kardell first became involved with the justice system at age 15. He cycled in and out of incarceration during his early life. However, during his time in federal prison, 5th prison trip, Kardell developed a vision for breaking free from recidivism. He created a blueprint for changing his life trajectory while still behind bars.


After release, Kardell put this plan into action. He beat the odds by transforming himself through education, self-improvement, and service. Today, he is the founder of On The Inside Re-Entry Academy and uses his journey to inspire those facing similar struggles.

As a national speaker, 9-time author, master certified empowerment coach, and re-entry consultant/strategists, Kardell is dedicated to guiding others toward self-empowerment.

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He shares his story of overcoming poverty, addiction, gang influences, and recidivism. His aim is to spark inspiration and provide the tools for creating lasting change.

In addition to his re-entry work, Kardell is the founder & president of NORTH ORG, a nonprofit organization focused on community development and empowerment. He also hosts The Re-Entry Journey Podcast. Through these platforms and others, he continues working tirelessly to provide support, encouragement, and hope to those in need

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Speaker & Life Coach

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